Not Your Average Grandparents

Grandparents, originally uploaded by califmom.

My mom and dad came to town this weekend. It was time for Peanut and Grandma to have their annual swimsuit shopping extravaganza. It's a ritual they started a few years back, coinciding with Peanut's birthday. This year they were a little later than usual, making for some serious hunting as most of the bathing suits were long gone. They did have success, and returned to home from the mall to celebrate with a dip in the pool.

As for the motorcycle, that's my parents' new ride. Took them longer to get here, 7 hours or so. But gas? Yeah. It was $14. Total. Plus, it's really hard to stop off at IKEA for a few things when you're on the bike. They're hoping it results in saving enough to buy a Goldwing (aka Old Person's Bike). It tried to get them to stop by Pride weekend in the city, but they weren't willing to lose the pants and keep the chaps. Whatever.