The Upside to Hillary's Perseverance


There's been a silver lining to the never-ending Democratic primaries that doesn't get much attention, at least not on NPR (no network TV here, remember), which is this: With two seemingly viable candidates holding on until the last possible moment, the Republicans have had to dilute their poisonous rhetoric.

There's only so much Obama/Osama crap you can sling before you have to turn the Fox Not the News viewers' attention back to that OMG Funny Hillary nutcracker. It also means McCain has had to hang out with Dubya, perfecting his own keeping-a-straight-face-with-the-puppeteer's-hand-in-place look he'll need in the coming months.

For this reason alone, we Dems should be thanking Hillary for hanging in there, having the money to hang in there, and having Bill to add an additional moving target for the pundits. (You never know what that bad boy might get up to out there humping stumping.)

Thanks Hill, it's been real.