Friday Fill-In

Questions courtesy of Julie this week; if you'd like to leave some for future use, I'd love it!

1. The pankegg had an extra secret ingredient; it was leftover veggies from dinner the night before!

2. Thanks to all of the pollen, I can barely see through my window.

3. Right now, I need to get rid of my headache and go to sleep.

4. Absolutely nowhere is where I went Thursday night; it was as I planned it.

5. Why does migrating ones blog hurt so much?

6. All I can think of is the pain in my head and the work I still need to do to get my blog migrated from Blogger to Wordpress.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to pizza and Friday Film Night with the family, tomorrow my plans include taking Bug to his play date and Sunday, I want to wake up to a cleaned dog run and a gigantic latte!