I'm NOT A FAN of morning or most other daylight hours. I prefer vanilla to chocolate, red wine to white, and invoke my right to take to my bed, as needed.

I have children and a dog. I became a widow at the ripe old age of forty thanks to a fucked up disease called non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Bob was an amazing man and the love of my life for twenty-one years.

Because of my son, I know more than I want to about Asperger and Tourette Syndromes. I don't think autism needs to be cured. I do think that autistic spectrum disorders are more likely orders--another way of being in this world.

I am an information junkie. I see the big picture and the minutiae. I love nothing more than hunting for The Thing That Cannot Be Found.

My children attended a private school for over seven years, but now homeschool (unschool). The road to get to this point was ugly, but the outcome is blessed. I'm thankful I studied child development during my undergrad years and worked toward my teaching credential in grad school, but nothing is a greater teacher than the child in front of you at the moment. 

I suck at falling asleep, but am an Olympic Naplete. My dog likes to swing in the baby swings at the park. He hasn't developed the ability to speak yet, so he just gives me a blank stare when I ask him why. I despise making phone calls, although I might answer if you call me.

I DO NOT do gyms or jogging, although my boyfriend got me these snazzy shoes with toes that have me thinking I just might try that barefoot running thing. Maybe. I recommend you keep breathing of your own accord and not hinge your oxygen intake on me hitting the road any time soon.

I think too hard to find laundry enjoyable, but I do it anyway. Dammit if having a steam cleaning washing machine doesn't make it slightly less painful.

I enjoying cooking, but don't follow recipes. Rules are for the simple-minded.

I read half of many books, and all of others. Although, my bookshelves are filled with treasures I've read and even more that my children have devoured. Entire worlds exist in the between the covers of a book.

Since Bob's passing, I've been blessed to find love again. I never dreamed I'd be so fortunate, but life is meant to be lived, and I have found a man who feels the same way. We are BETTER TOGETHER.