Cold, yet Crispy

I spent the day sailing on the Bay, around Angel Island. It wasn't my first time sailing, but was my first venture in the Bay. We managed to incorporate just about every scenario into the day: cold, wind, danger, fun, food, and a smattering of sunshine. Our "job" was to ride on the sailboats that were piloting for a group of swimmers from the South End Rowing Club. Yes, swimmers. Yes, in the Bay. Yes, that Bay, the one with Alcatraz. No, I don't think anyone ever escaped from Alcatraz via a refreshing swim. I didn't even put my toe in, but I'm 100% sure, and I grew up swimming in Lake Tahoe. I'll be taking to my bed for the evening, trying to bask in the flow of my wind-burned face. Pictures to follow...after I muster up the energy to walk out to the kitchen to get the camera. Maybe tomorrow.