Weary Wednesday

In an effort to successfully complete this month's nablopomo, I'm posting today. But, that's about it. For the past couple weeks, I've barely been able to stay awake during daylight hours and spend most of the night exhausted, but unable to sleep. I'd like to think it's just allergies, but I have no extreme allergy symptoms, have been taking my Claritin every night, and aside from minor eye itchiness, have been fine.

Tomorrow, I need to muster up the energy to call my doctor so I can get to the bottom of this. Don't get me wrong, I love a good nap in the afternoon, but this is ridiculous. Because I'm the eternal optimist, I've decided I am dying of some incurable disease, have mono, or my thyroid is out of whack. I'm hoping it's my thyroid as that might explain why I now weigh as much as I did when I birthed Bug. This wouldn't be a big deal except that I gained 50 lbs. when I was pregnant with him (and did the same again with Peanut). I feel like a small elephant right now. A small, slow moving elephant.