Tales of Unschooling

Unschooling can be an elusive concept for some, especially those just beginning the journey. One question we all seemed to want answered in the beginning was, "What does a typical day look like?" The standard reply was usually, "There are no typical days in unschooling." That said, I'm going to give a snapshot of today's activities as an example.

  • meal preparation (breakfast & lunch)
  • Wolf Quest (install & play)
  • Verb Viper on Arcademic Skills Builders site
  • Peruse NASA site and Twitter for updates on Mars Phoenix
  • Listen to NPR programming (China quake efforts, local news, etc.)
  • Accompany me for carpooling sister and classmate after school
  • Nintendo DS Pokemon Pearl (often played while standing and reenacting moves, often reads descriptions aloud to me)
  • Club Penguin
  • Watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom DVD w/me
  • Check email
  • Collect snail mail and packages delivered
  • Clean up room
  • Play with dogs
  • 'Sword' fighting with bamboo stick (involves moves he made up that look a lot like Tai Chi and Filipino stick fighting combined)