Is Anybody Out There?

Because I fancy myself a geek, but not a Geek, I have moved my blog. Again. This time, I'm trying TypePad. Again, I ask my 5 subscribed readers to hang with me as for the next day or so while I work out the kinks. If I do it right, you shouldn't need to change anything on your end as everything will ultimately point to once the dust settles.

For those who are intrigued by my geek needs, was great for a quick fix to my Blogger problems. However, for me to use many of the widgets I've come to love, I was going to have to migrate to The dot org version of WordPress would require me to use CSS, which I'm sure I could learn if only I had the desire. (Getting out of bed requires enough effort. Learning CSS is going to have to wait.)

All of this has led me to TypePad, which I'm hoping turns out to be the answer to my need to be a geek, but not a Geek. I'm liking the flexibility and monthly payment plan. I even found a lifetime discount of 10%. Their instructions for domain name stuff were To Die For compared to Blogger and WordPress. OMG! Like, there were screen shots and shit. Of every single step. Love that.

Still, I'm waiting for to be accessible as Let's all chant together, shall we: Go Daddy! Go Daddy!