The Silence is Demeaning and Demanding

My son has been "taking a break" from school, as requested by the school on October 10. Our repeated requests for quantifiable objectives/criteria for his return have been returned to us with the most patronizing, stonewalling responses. These are not the responses I would have predicted from our school; part of our team; our community. The hurt is overwhelming. The inability to know what to do to help our son return to the environment he knows, his friends he loves and the community that has supported him for the past 7 years is trying on good days and debilitating on others. How can you accommodate a child, and many other children, for so long, in so many more demanding ways, and then suddenly, in the middle of a school day, decide it's so bad you can't even make it until the end of the day where we can meet in a less impromptu setting, with both parents present instead of just 1, and have a concrete, written set of reasons for the temporary suspension and criteria for return? Had I received that, I might not have spent the last week and a half banging my head against the wall and researching my child's rights. Instead of a nice, peaceful resolution, I now feel obligated to let the school know just how over-the-line they are right now.

So, after homeschooling for 5-7 hours Monday-Friday, I spend my time trying to reconnect with my daughter, answer her questions, help her work through her emotions. Then, once the kids are off to bed, I start researching the American's with Disabilities Act, Title III. It's the part that covers private schools that do not receive federal funds. So, just like the movie theater or Target couldn't ask my son to leave because of his vocal tics, neither can his school.