A Good Day

Aside from waking to find Twitter still in the down state, it's been a Good Day. Why? I'll tell ya, in a list. Feel free to set it to music of your choosing.

  1. Peanut is home from school today, and getting along smashingly with Bug.

  2. Peanut got enough sleep last night. (She is not a child you want to know when she has NOT had enough sleep. Three-foot flames shoot from her nose when she's not had her requisite 11 hours.)

  3. I have not had to go anywhere today. (Although, I will have to go pick up my prepared dinners from the local make-it-yourself dinner place, where I pay them to make it for me, so all I have to do is pick it up myself, and put it into my freezer myself.)

  4. The dogs have been well-behaved, barking not at all.

  5. The temperature outside is below 100 degrees. (I'm not a fan of 100+ temps, especially BEFORE summer.)

  6. I have peanut M&Ms, purchased by Hubby and kids last night, that I only found out about this morning. Lunch!

  7. I already took a nap. I may take another. (For some reason, allergies, fibromyalgia, general laziness, weather, whatever, I cannot get enough napping. I even slept well last night. I just need my naps and am pleased to get them.)