Walk Hard

Between the day I graduated from high school and the time I graduated from college, I moved 14 times. Oddly, I like moving. It's a great way to purge the crap. Given my ability to amass crap, purging it is essential.

Since having children, selling our condo, then purchasing a house, we haven't moved for almost 11 years. We've often considered moving. We made a half-hearted offer on a house once, and have had our realtor show us others. We just can't get that excited about moving.

It's not that our house is fabulous. It was built post-WWII, when things were done quickly and cheaply. It used to look like every other house on the street. After 60 years, and the advent of HGTV, it looks sort of like every other house on the street.

The reason we bought this house, aside from it's quaint charm, was its location. Oh, yeah. The big 'L'. Our house has it goin' on. And, now, thanks to the Internets (and Carolyn), I can prove it. Walk Score will rate your home's walkability. Our house, on a scale of 1 to 100, gets a 74. That is a walkable location. By contrast, the house I lived in from ages 10 thru 18 gets a 2 (but only because they built a school after I moved).

Don't get me wrong, I don't walk to all of the places I could walk. However, within reasonable walking distance of our house are the pediatrician, movie theater, veterinarian, Trader Joe's, OSH, hospital, dentist, optometrist, park, bike trail, kickass margaritas, various restaurants, 2 movie theaters, 2 high schools, an elementary school, a few bike shops, clothing stores, toy stores, and a performing arts center. Of those places, only a handful are located in the typical suburban strip mall.

So, until I feel like living on a busier street even closer to downtown, we'll be staying put. So, readers, what's your Walk Score? Once you know, post it in the comments. Can anyone get in the 80s or 90s? Anyone score a 0?