Unable to Leave Well* Enough Alone

I've been dicking around with my blog format again. Hey, at least the furniture hasn't moved in a week or two. I had a few reasons for doing this and would love it if those who read via email or rss feeds would take a moment to pop over to califmom proper for a peek.

One important addition is a link to an upcoming event and fundraiser in memory of my friend Kelly Shea Gallo who lost her battle with breast cancer just before her 36th birthday. The 4-year anniversary of her loss is upon us next month. Her friends and family are establishing a foundation, Kelly's Causes, to support those causes for which Kelly had enormous passion.

*Oh, wise Editor Friends (here to for EFs), you know your names...is it "well enough alone" or "good enough alone"? Post in the comments, please. I am losing sleep over this one and given my failure at locating a concise answer on the Internets, some poor soul might benefit from your net-accessible remarks. Now, back to our regular broadcast.