Sometimes a Sentence is All I've Got In Me

Sometimes, just a sentence fragment. That's why I've made the leap onto Twitter. Really, my one-liners are what makes it worth knowing me. Sad? Perhaps. But, think of the energy I conserve.

In the event you also want to Twitter with the rest of the world (or me), head over here. Otherwise you can keep abreast of my life-snippets right here at blog on with califmom. I've made it super simple for the less technically savvy or those of you who have an actual life. Of course, you can't just lame-out and read the RSS feed or emails. You have to show up at the real, live blog. Don't worry, it won't bite. Plus, you'll get to see the myriad ways I waste my time. Mastheads. Book links. Photos of poop. Good stuff.

Note to J: It's easy. You'll love it. Give it a frickin' try and call me if you need "tech support" -- Smooches!