Seattle Shots

Some more pics from this past weekend. Peanut and I flew up to Seattle to visit Unkie Chad, Aunt Tine and the not-himself version of Baby Jack. Seems Jack brought a little something home from his trip to Mexico. Hopefully, he only shared the output with us and not the bug itself. Here's how bad Jack felt...he sat motionless in his dog bed sheepskin kid seat, hugging Chocolate, his blankie and love of his life, watching Jungle Book. For 3 days. Poor Jack.

He tried to feel better, but it wasn't happening. The butt/gut bug bit him hard. He perked up a tiny bit on Sunday, just before we left. By perked up, I mean he didn't actually puke or poop on anyone, other than himself, of course.

That wasn't the case Saturday night. He was sitting in his mom's lap which later revealed the source of that warm sensation Tine was feeling toward Jack.

That's a little bit of love right there. Actually, that's a lot of love, cuz there's more on the back side, and on the chair, and you can only imagine Jack's backside...

Tubby Time! Not only does your identity change with motherhood, but your dignity nosedives into a ditch. It's just pure love, baby. Pure. Love.