Who Moved My Easter?

Dear Jesus,

I'm sure you don't have much to do with this, but why did Your People make Easter so early this year? They don't move your birthday around. Why Easter? Huh? Are they trying to keep up with the Joneses?

This moving-target celebration of your rise from death-- it's really hard to shop for. Now, Christmas, due to it's engraved-in-stone-albeit-not-accurate placement on the calendar makes for a clearly defined retail season. It also makes for easier travel planning. We can decide years in advance what we'll be doing for Christmas without even glancing at the calendar. Not so for Easter. For Easter we have to turn to the internet and Google "Easter 2010". Then, we have to figure out if the kids will get the week before or the week after off for spring break.

In closing, it would be great if you could talk to Your People about this. See what you can do. Feel free to contact me or the Easter Bunny. We're tight and I'm sure he'd be thrilled to have a consistent work schedule. I cannot imagine how his family deals with this randomness.

In Him In You Um Bye,