Mama Always Said I's Lazy

While sitting in the waiting room at the Dr.'s office today, I picked up my third magazine from the pile. It wasn't one I'd seen before -- Wondertime is the name. I almost tossed it back on the heap when one of the article titles on the cover jumped out at me, hugged me and said, "Come on in, friend."

In Praise of Lazy Parenting

I felt all tingly. I skipped from the table of contents straight to page 74, and started reading the article written by my subconscious Brett Paesel. She's my new hero. We were separated at birth. I'm sure of it. I was so into the article that I took the magazine with me when the nurse called me back to the exam room. I almost stole the damn thing, but decided to leave it behind in the hope that some other mother might stumble upon it and find out that Lazy can be a Good Thing.