Bershon Stages

Originally uploaded by califmom
This is a study in teen angst. We start at the bottom of the photo with the peppy not-yet-pre-teen girl. She turns TOWARD the camera, intentionally. Eyes are wide open and expression is animated. Moving counter-clockwise, we come upon her pre-teen, angsty brother. some facial features are discernible, but he is Not Going To Look At The Camera. Up at the 12 o'clock hour, we have the giant afro-sporting redheaded freshman who has grown so much in the past year, we weren't sure he'd fit in the house. He sports the fully bershon overgrown bangs, therefore preventing him from having to Look At The Camera. God! Finally, we have the senior who is in the Final Countdown to GTFOOH (Getting The Fuck Out Of Here). He figures he'll look at the camera, but he's not swallowing the food in his mouth first, and he's certainly Not Going To Smile.