Where for art thou=Cramming for Super Tues.

I for art edumacatin' my wee lad. Hence my forsakin' of mine bloggin'. As we journey toward a state of tolerable disequilibrium, I dream that I may begin to blog with the regularity of a Metamucil user. Until then, please enjoy my disjointed, delayed, and even disorienting posts as they come.

Right now I'm cramming for the Big Vote tomorrow. Seems all these months w/out TV coupled with listening to HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxay -- The Restaurant at the End of The Universe rather than NPR has left me a little out of the loop with the candidates still standing. Thankfully the voter guide was super helpful and informative, as always. Just straightforward talk, no b.s. in there. Yessiree. Maybe I'll just play a few rounds of sudoku on BrainAge2 and wing it tomorrow. I've researched more in less time. Bug and I can call it a lesson in social studies AND procrastination. I love it when I can incorporate life lessons like that. Natural learning. The way God intended it...or at least Mother Nature. I think they both modeled some serious procrastination, no matter your side of the fence.