My List: From Big to Small Xmas '08

I have a little bit of everything on my Christmas wish list this year, except a pony. I totally left the pony off the list. Didn't want to appear greedy. Plus, I've had a pony. Not the friendliest of the ride-able mammals. I went kind of traditional: jewelry, a laptop (girl’s gotta dream), a new set of bamboo sheets (softest sheets evah!), gadgetry, bath bombs, clothing, literary finds, an eco-friendly coffee mug, and some art. Oh, and a plushie uterus. For reals. Check it out. Thanks to @clapifyoulike me for that hot tip. The biggest test: Will Hubs order any of it in time?

By the way, this is my first year using Wishpot, and I’m loving the ease of use. I can browse any page on the Interwebs, find something I want, click the Wishpot button on my toolbar, and my wish list is updated. So flippin’ cool. It even pulls pictures and prices when it can. Then, I email it to Hubs with a big fat PLEEEEEEEZZZZZZ. (It's also handy for keeping track of ideas for gifts for others...if you're into that sort of thing.)

Also, I cannot push this idea enough: If you spouse struggles with what to get you for the holidays, send him (or her...yeah, right) a clickable wish list. Make it simple stupid. That's what I'm telling you. Best idea for maintaining that marital bliss.