I Am A Shopping (in my jammies) Fool

Since the recipients of these gifts don’t regularly read my blog, I’m going to tell you all about the awesomeness of my finds. Check out these cool goodies—all purchased sans pants (on my part).

Probably someone was wearing pants in the process. It just wasn't me, or maybe even the person I ordered them from, but certainly the UPS guy had on pants or at least a pair of those brown shorts, right?

For Baby Jack (who’s more a dude than a baby now, but I like the name):


Traveling fun from Lil B Designs for the little guy; a roll up chalk board with chalk holder.

For Peanut (a major bookworm):


We checked out Everybody is Different from the library, and she only got a chance to read a bit, but loved what she read. It struck me as the kind of book you’d want to read and re-read, pass around the family, that kind of thing.


Peanut LOVED the other Gaia Girls book (Way of the Water) we got in Hopland. We read it together, and it is incredibly well-written, with a strong girl character, and enough fantasy intertwined to really draw you into the story. I have high hopes that Gaia Girls Enter the Earth will be equally as good.

For Bug (birthday or Xmas, I haven’t decided yet):


A t-shirt from JamJamTees that captures his personality.



Two prints from Poor Dog Farm for his room that capture his special interests: kiwi birds, chocolate labs, and vintage hats.

For the house:


Reed diffuser oil in Christmas Cookie scent. It arrived today and YUM! Smells so much better than dog. Like, a thousand times better.

For the family:


I got a sample of SoapNuts from The Laundry Tree at BlogHer and they rock! A natural way to wash your laundry, super easy to use, and unscented (unless you choose to add scent—I like the Energy Essential Oil). I ordered the Daily Grommet Soapnut Package.

For the grandparents:

HeadsetMicrophone MicrosoftLifecam

A webcam and headset for “visiting” with the grandkids. I ordered one for our family, as well. Love Amazon for the gadgetry. I’m not providing links though, as there are a gazillion choices that really need to be narrowed by your specific tech requirements.

That’s all for now, and I guarantee now that I’ve posted this stuff, my parents will start reading my blog (other than when I specifically send them a link to a post). Isn’t that how this works?

Up next, I’ll let you all have a peak at my Xmas wish list. I make one for Hubs each year, complete with clickable ordering links. So far, it’s been a great way to avoid him shopping on the 24th and being utterly shocked when things are sold out. It also prevents me hating him on the 24th. Win win.