Book Review: Against Medical Advice

Book cover of Book cover via AmazonIn early October, I was asked by the publishers of James Patterson's latest book, Against Medical Advice, if I'd like a copy to review. This isn't a work of fiction, as Patterson usually writes. Instead, Patterson is joined by Hal Friedman in telling the story of Cory Friedman, Hal's son, and his struggle with the most severe case of Tourette Syndrome I've even encountered.

When your child ends up in the hospital from tearing muscles due to physical tics, you aren't dealing with your run-of-the-mill case of Tourette's. When you've worked your way through 60 medications and still can't find peace for your child, that child gives up...almost. When an addiction to alcohol is the lesser of two evils, it's time for radical actions.

Against Medical Advice
is told in Cory's voice, with his blessing. This is as much Cory's book as it is his father's or Patterson's. Cory's story will grab you, turn you upside down, challenge you, and give you an ending you never saw coming.

I read it in a single night.

Then, Bug read it. It took him two nights, but he was captivated by the story, as well. Peanut and Hubs are planning to read it together, then we'll be passing our copy along. We may even pick up a few more for family members and friends. I will confess this was my first Patterson novel, and I was absolutely blown away.

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