Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

The Spouting Horn, located on the southern coa...Image via Wikipedia

Today was our first full day on Kaua'i. We awoke to the lush green view out our lanai and the ocean in the distance. We're spending our first two nights in Kapa'a until our we check into our condo in Princeville.

Hubs kicked off the day with a run. I did not. I do not run unless being chased. Even then, I'd consider if I had on the right shoes. Afterward, he took Bug and Peanut over to Coconut MarketPlace for some ice cream. Not long after they returned, the rains started.

It was time for lunch, and still raining. So, we decided to explore in the car, and headed off to Lihue for take-out lunch from Hamura's Saimin Stand. We got 2 orders of the special saimin, which was more than enough for the 4 of us. Delish! Top ramen, saimin is not! Even in the torrential downpour, there was a line out the door when we arrived and standing room only to eat-in. Do not miss this place on your visit to Kaua'i.

After we'd eaten our saimin, we went out for some more rainy day exploring. This time we headed south toward Po'ipu to see Spouting Horn, a lava-formed blowhole that makes an unusual sound due to a second hole that vents only air.

There were some stands at the park that were selling jewelery and souvenirs. Peanut couldn't say no to $1 puka shell necklace. But enjoyed photographing the hens and roosters that were roaming around the park. Thanks to his poultry project, he was naming their various parts as he was taking their pictures. We even saw a pair of chicks emerge from under their rain shelter mother on our way back to the car.

We finished our exploring with a trip to Wailea to get some infamous shave ice (yes, it's shave, not shaved) from Jo-Jo's Clubhouse. Wow. I've had sno-cones, and shave ice is no sno-cone. The macadamia nut ice cream was TO DIE FOR. So, freaking good. Tomorrow will be spent sampling other shave ice spots on the island. I will leave no shave ice uneaten.