The Fairy Has Come

TreatsImage by bornazombie via FlickrHalloween is over.

As they do every year, the kids gathered up the candy to give to the Halloween Fairy, and put out the haul to see what she'd bring.

It is a sick cycle of consumption. People buy the candy to give out. The kids collect the candy to bring home. The kids eat a few pieces of the candy. The kids donate the candy to the Halloween Fairy. The candy goes in the trash. The kids get a gift from the Halloween Fairy.

What are the stats on Halloween candy that ends up in the trash? It's got to be high. Apart from the candy bars, an occasional roll of Smarties, and the Tootsie Rolls, ours goes unconsumed. So sad. It's not like we can send it to some starving kids. They're probably the ones who manufactured it in the first place.

As a side note, we discovered that Tootsie Rolls pair nicely with the Tesoros Petit Verdot. Not what the winemaker had in mind, I'm guess, but lovely just the same.

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