PSA: Tourette Syndrome Surveys--How Do Tics Impact Your Life?

I received this email today and wanted to share it with you in hopes of helping the increase the number of people participating in this valuable research into the impact of tics on the lives of those with Tourette Syndrome.

Dear TSA Friend,

Dr. Douglas Woods and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, along with several members from our national TSA Medical Advisory Board, have embarked on an important and extensive data collecting project designed to provide information about the impact of tics on the lives of those with Tourette Syndrome (TS). If we succeed in having as many people as possible participating, responses to this very worthwhile project will allow TSA and the treating community to learn much more about a very broad range of issues relevant to having and coping with TS. Undoubtedly, this information will help us better serve our TS community's needs.

Internet based, the survey responses are submitted anonymously, and strict confidentiality is assured. Only those who reside in the U.S. are eligible to participate. It is estimated that the Adult survey (for those above 18 years of age) will take about an hour to complete.

The Child survey (for those between 10 and 17 years of age) consists of 2 parts: one part for a parent/legal guardian, and one part for the child to fill out. Each part should take about 45 minutes to complete (total time 90 minutes). Only children between the ages of 10-17 are asked to fill out the child portion. If the child with TS is younger than 10, only the parent/legal guardian portion should be completed.

To participate in the Adult survey go to:

To participate in the Child survey go to:

This study has been approved by the UWM IRB for a one year period.

IRB Protocol Number: 08.243

IRB Approval Date: 3/19/08