1/10th of Who We Are

IMG_4516 Yes, we are a family with a special needs child. But, you need to know something. While it enriches the definition of our family, it is not all-encompassing. We are so much more. Our child is so much more.


We are often faced with thinking about this 1/10th of our identity for a disproportionate amount of our time. Bug’s tics are not our focal point. They do not define him. They do not explain our life. They do not shape our days.


Yet, in order to allow our family to be the other 9/10ths of who we are, we are forced by others to focus on the 1/10th. We are called upon to defend, explain and justify.


Why? Because fair and right don’t happen in a vacuum. Fair and right require education, advocacy, and perseverance. Fair and right ask you to check your world view at the door. Check it. Change it. Reform it.


We remain, as always, cautiously optimistic that the world will become a better place, that others will see the light, that doing the right thing will become the thing that is done.


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