Small Town America: Is It Better?

Sarah Palin - Barbarians

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Sarah Palin has waged a war on America’s urban residents. In her words we aren’t real Americans. We aren’t pro-America. We are apparently unworthy of her time or praise. Although, I’m guessing, she’s happy to accept our campaign contributions.

The problem with this premise is that there’s no evidence that small towns are more American. Is there? I mean, if you know of any, shoot that shit my way. Drop me a comment. Send me a singing telegram. Honestly. I’d love to hear the evidence.

NYC and Washington D.C. were good enough for the actual terrorists. I guess they just aren’t good enough for Governor Palin. Does she realize who walked into the towers as they were falling down? Sure as shit wasn’t her scrawny small-town ass.

As for small town values…let me just say that I grew up in a small town. I know a small town. And you, Sarah Palin, are full of shit about small towns.

There is nothing about a small town that makes it greater or less-than any other place in our great country. I refuse to hear your simple mind claim otherwise.

Do you think the soldiers in uniform who come from the urban parts of this great nation are serving any less honorably alongside your son? Their blood, Governor Palin, runs just as red as a small-town soldier’s. I promise. Just ask their moms.

Do you think the teachers in inner-city schools aren’t dedicated to their jobs? They sure as hell aren’t in it for the money nor the fame.

Do you think teen pregnancy, high school drop-out rates, and drug abuse are only an issue in big cities? Oh, wait, I guess you don’t. My bad.

By the way, do you understand that America encompasses a number of countries, only one of which is the United States of America. So, when you talk about America’s greatness, remember you are including those pesky illegal immigrants, your Canadian neighbors, and that land to the south where your running-mate spent some time (and money) with those terrorists. Ask Ollie, I’m sure he’ll be happy to fill you in.

In the end, I think my 10 year-old daughter said it best when she told me, “Mom, we are the United States of America.” On her behalf, Governor Palin, I respectfully request you stop trying to divide us. Everyone who’s tried has failed, even your own state.

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