Having a Spot of Weather

We live where our idea of a cold day is a dip down into the 40s, high winds are 20 mph, and snow just doesn't happen. In the wee hours this morning, however, Bob awoke to hear my crying "Auntie Em! Auntie Em!" It was a tad bit windy out. I thought the house was being lifted off the foundation. In California, that only happens in earthquakes or mudslides. Here's what the Chronicle kicked off with about today's weather:

(01-04) 07:44 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- (01-04) 09:58 PST SAN FRANCISCO - Golden Gate Transit suspended bus service, traffic on the eastbound Richmond-San Rafael Bridge was halted and power was knocked out to hundreds of thousands of people today as a dangerous storm blew into the Bay Area.

It hasn't let up and another storm is on the tail of this one. I think I'll stay in bed and do NY Times crossword puzzles on one the kid's DS Lite's. Maybe I can even convince someone to play Equate or Word Sweep with me.