Do I Look Uptight to You?

Because I have a great disdain for the hours that have AM next to them, Bob usually handles the morning routine with Peanut. He makes her breakfast that involves using the stove, helps her with her hair, and takes her to school when he can.

Last week, her friend M braided Peanut's pigtails while they were waiting to be picked up after school. The next morning, Peanut decided to have Bob braid her pigtails. The only problem was that she had washed her hair the night before and it was still fairly curly.

Bob: "I can't braid these, they're too short."
Peanut: "They weren't too short for M to braid yesterday."
Me: "That's because your hair was more relaxed when M braided it yesterday."
Peanut: "I didn't know hair could be tense."