Brush-Ups Discontinued

My favorite on-the-go solution to oral hygiene has been missing from the store shelves for a while now. Seems OralB discontinued this little item. And, due to them having expiration dates, there's no use picking up a bunch on eBay.

So, I went hunting for a suitable replacement and found a few options to try out. First, La Fresh Group was the La Fresh Dental Finger Mitt. This one seems the closest to its OralB predecessor. However, I also discovered the Floss & Wipe option which looks interesting.

If anyone has tried either of these, let me know. Otherwise, I think I'll order some of the sample sizes of the Dental Finger Mitts from which carries all kinds of teeny tiny packables. They sell the La Fresh product in singles for just $.25 ea.  and shipping for orders over $20 is free. Based on their broad offering of products, I'm not too worried about hitting the $20 mark.

UPDATE: Target now carries a product nearly identical to Brush-Ups. It's called DentaBurst. Love them!

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