Another Addict Is Born

As much of a gadget-geek as I am, it's surprising that I've just now upgraded my cell phone to a PDA. I guess I got tired of having to do the double-wide version of calendaring, surfing, and texting on the ol' Nokia flip-phone. Our provider was also making it oh-so-enticing with the low prices.

After a grueling two days of upgrading and installing and an oversight on the part of our wireless provider when selling me the PDA (forgot to mention it only works if you have certain plans, which I did not have and they did not initially give me!), I am now able to run my world from the palm of my hand. I have all of my favorite google products loaded (gmail, calendar, reader, maps). I can hardly breathe. (Of course, that could be a result of the surrounding wild fires or my failure to shower today.)

Anyway, explain this to me, Internets, why do I now have no desire to leave the house? Why do I just want to snuggle with my new Red Pearl, whispering into it's voice-activated circuitry? Shouldn't this wireless freedom make me want to head out into the wireless world to explore it's wireless-ness? Instead, it's nearly 4pm on a Sunday and I'm still in my jammies. It's damn near wine-thirty, I think. Guess I'll wait until tomorrow to get dressed. No use now. Isn't she perty?