It said, "Hands Off," you illiterate fool!

Last night, around 9:45, our phone rang. The caller ID said "2431". Not a number I recognize, unless they're calling me from 1947, and then I think letters would be involved. I responded in my usual fashion, and didn't answer. That's why God invented voice mail, for people who call from 2431.

Our voice mail has bridged the gap and emails us when we have a message. I'm too cheap to pay for it to be a transcribed message, but the .wav file is usually sufficient. Later that night, Bob came in to tell me a police officer from a not-to-distant city had left a message about my iPod. Seems they recovered it during a Routine Stop, ran the serial number and found out it was "probably stolen".

Officer Q and I chatted this evening, confirming that I didn't know the person in possession of my stolen goods, hadn't given him permission, and didn't know a guy named D or a guy named B. Seems the gentleman had purchased my iPod from a guy and had sensed it might have been stolen property. You think? What was your first clue? The $50 he charged for a 60GB iPod or the inscription on the back that said "Mom's iPod. Hands Off."

Since the gentleman who purchased my iPod admitted to knowing the item was "probably stolen", he's spending some time in a cell. The D.A. has received the case and will be deciding whether or not to press charges. Officer Q assures me the D.A. will, most likely, charge him since he has admitted to knowing it was "probably stolen".

Meanwhile, I get to wait. My iPod is now Evidence. I am a Victim. After the Case is closed, the Evidence will be returned to the Victim. All I have to do is wait. I'm bad at waiting. This will be good practice.

I'm still amazed that something stolen, something smaller than a bread box, has been recovered and will be returned. Amazing. I also wonder what fabulous tunes have been loaded onto my iPod and whether or not the Judge will order them removed.