Would you rather...

  • ...bathe your children after a 4-hour drive?
  • ...bathe two dogs (after the same 4-hour drive) who emerged from their crate covered in urine and crap and will be sleeping in your room later that night?

These are the questions I struggle with answering. Curious which way I went on this one? Let's break it down to the basic elements to be considered:
  • The kids sleep in their own beds.
  • The kids are self-bathing.
  • The dogs sleep in my room.
  • I don't have to smell the kids for the next 8 hours.
The rule in this round of "would you rather" is that crap-covered indoor pet always trumps dirty self-bathing child.

Here's a preview of the conversation 'round here on Monday:

Leah leads with, "Hey, Bob, when will that new gate in the dog run be functional?"

Leah answer self in head, "When you fix it, dear Leah."

Bob abstains from replying, knowing Leah has already answered herself in her head, thereby passing the honey-do onto the honey.

You know what? DIY can KMA.