Hitchhiking Through Life

As Ford Prefect so eloquently put it, "What I need is a strong drink and a peer group." That about sums up my day, or maybe my week. After the toe fiasco, my face broke out like a pubescent athlete, began peeling and hurting like a mo' fo'. I didn't have acne as a teenager. If I had, I would have punched a lot of people in the face. This shit hurts and it makes you want to wear a paper bag over your head. Put that together with teen hormones and dating...my hat's off to the acne-afflicted adolescents.

Then, for fun, I thought I'd find a rose thorn in Charlie's paw, after he kept me up half the night chasing his butt. Bright dog. It's some sick result of the downscaling of canines that causes smaller dogs to require human assistance to deal with their anal sacs. I've tried to be that human, but I can't. What would be more fun than taking your dog to get his butt cleaned out? Getting a call to come pick your kid up from school (med changes are so much fun for everyone) while you're still in your pj's and have 15 minutes to get changed and make it to the vet on time. Super fun. Try it sometime.

If you really want to live on the wild side, make sure you have a hair appointment you've rescheduled twice already that is just two hours after the vet appointment, and you have that kid with you that you had to pick up from school. Where are my party hat and noisemaker? Can't you see the confetti? This is fun stuff.

But, tomorrow is a brand new day. We get to start fresh and give this whole thing another try. I get to start a cool new mini-job doing something fun and that kid gets to be Jr. Director at school. Plus, it's Friday tomorrow. I just hope I have my towel.