They're Back

The first few years of my kids going to school, I mistakenly thought that summer was the time to get things done. It must have been some holdover from my own school years. Summer was the time to do everything you put off during the prior 10 months, your vacation.

As a SAHM, I came to realize that summer was not my vacation. I should not attempt to get anything done during the summer because, much like the weekends, people are in my office, talking to me, wanting my attention and not at all interested in me getting my work done.

The kids started back to school Monday and I've been going nonstop for the past four days doing the errands and things that I tried to do or put off doing all summer. Today is my day of rest (or at least my morning of rest) because tomorrow starts a 3-day weekend, a mini-summer and mama don't get no break in da summa.

All things considered, I'd rather have 3-months of people in my office than 10.