I'd Like To Thank Chester and His Drawers

I've been paying a little more attention to my site stats, mostly, how the hell the eight people who read this blog each day happen to find it.

Some poor soul in China found me via a Chinese search engine looking for love Letterman because of my post of a favorite top 10 list Letterman did after Cheney gotta a little nutty with the firearms. That's a logical, and correctly spelled search. From China. We don't even share the same alphabet, much less language.

But most of the people who arrive at Blog On come by way of their misconstrued name of that one piece of furniture present in most every home. No, not the armoire. Not the credeza, buffet nor even the more rare chiffonier. It's nothing that high-brow.

Mostly, the morons seek some variation of chester drawer. Sometimes the search is for IKEA chester drawers. Others, it's for those hard-to-find instructions for building chester drawers.

It turns out that a high percentage of my search-referred traffic is due to a few wood-working and budget-furniture-shopping morons who don't know that the thing they want most is actually a chest of drawers that Chester knows nothing about.

I'd therefore, like to thank the original Einstein of Chester Drawer Land who posted the ad on craigslist, which I stumbled upon and shared with you all here. If it weren't for the first idiot, we'd never have been able to flush out the others.