Not Your Mama's Water

As a rule, I do not enjoy the uncarbonated, flavored waters. They taste like someone forgot to rinse the juice of the glass before filling it up with water. Yuck. Gross. Not for me.

Awhile back I was wandering the food aisles of Cost Plus World Market when I found my new friend, MetroMint. Cool. Refreshing. Minty. These are things that work for me. Many months later, I'm seeing MetroMint all over town.

Unlike their faux-flavored brethren, the MetroMint waters are pure tasty goodness. It's a simple bevarage: fresh, pesticide-free, distilled mint combined with reverse-osmosis purified water from the Sierra Nevadas. Just mint and water, folks. No sugar. No sweeteners. Nothing weird going on here.

When you want a little more from your water, but don't want diluted juice or fake flavor, give MetroMint a spin. I'm a fan of the peppermint flavor, but you might prefer the spearmint, lemonmint or orangemint.

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