Happy Belated Birthday, Cousin Eric

I've mentioned, briefly that I have a penchant for finding information. I can also find the odd product, solution, answer to all your problems. I'm like the magic 8 ball, but with relevant answers.

Cousin Eric had the audacity to upstage me by being born 9 days before me and by being infinitely smarter than me. He managed all of this while missing his socks, having drool on his onesie, flunking out of preschool and being nonverbal for almost as long as Einstein. Personally, I think those early years were just an act. He was so playing the "youngest" card. But, today, Cousin Eric turned to me when he needed the answer to a question. And, because I can't say no to the challenge of an unanswered question, I present to you The Answer:

Guitarists who've played with David Bowie:
Dek Fearnley - bass
Mick Wayne
Tim Renwick
Keith Christman
John Lodge - bass
Tony Visconti - bass
Herbie Flowers - bass
Mick Ronson
Trevor Bolder-bass
Alan Parker
Carlos Alomar
Willie Weeks-bass
John Lennon
Earl Slick
Emir Kassan - bass
George Murray - bass
Brian Eno - guitar treatments
Ricky Gardiner
Robert Fripp
Dennis Davis - bass
Adrian Belew
Chuck Hammer - guitar/synthesizer
Pete Townsend
Carmine Rojas - bass
Nile Rodgers
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Bernard Edwards
Derek Bramble - bass
Erdal Kizilcay – bass
Peter Frampton
Sid McGinnis
Barry Campbell - bass
John Regan - bass
Reeves Gabrels
Wild T. Springer
3D Echo
Lenny Kravitz
Yossi Fine
Tom Frish
Kevin Armstrong
Gail Ann Dorsey-bass
Mark Plati - bass
Chris Haskett
David Torn
Gerry Leonard
Tony Levin - bass
Dave Grohl

I also provided him with Bowie's discography (all 24 compilations) and the artists who played/sang on each disc/album/CD/8-trak/cassette. But I'm sparing you, my loyal readers, from the scrolling such a colossal amount of info would require of you (if you read it). Secretly, I'm just hoping this attracts some poor, unsuspecting Bowie fan to my blog.