I Love Trader Joe's

For so many reasons. Like the Peonies. I capitalize, because they're worth it. Every penny. Not the ones from Whole Paycheck, only TJ's. I also love them for their Tamari Almonds and lunch meats sans nitrates and crap. But today, I love Trader Joe's because of their $4.99* bottles of 2005 Castillo de Jumilla, Jumilla, Monastrell-Tempranillo. It's a 50-50 blend of Monastrell and Tempranillo. A Spanish red that won't steer you wrong. (Please, drink responsibly, in your chair, at home, and stay there when you start -- so much easier to reach the bottle for another pour.)

Now, Tempranillo, I know I love. But, Monastrell was new to me. Or so I thought. Not so. Turns out that Monastrell was assumed to be a Spanish synonym** for the varietal Mourvedre. I love Mourvedre as done by the folks at Murrieta's Well. Thanks for filling in the blanks for me on this one Quaffability.

*Word on the street is the $4.99 price has just dropped to $2.99 folks. I am NOT telling you where my local TJs is, but you better hurry over to yours.
**It has since been proven via DNA fingerprinting that Mourvedre and Monastrell are not synonymous, but that Monastrell is in fact the Graciano of Rioja. Oops. DNA and fingerprinting take down the best of them. It's like CSI: Wine Country.