Just the way I like it

Yesterday, I was greeted with breakfast in bed courtesy of Bob and Peanut. (Bug slept even later than I did, probably still recovering from camp.) Then, it was a relaxing morning in bed, reading, surfing and the like.

Peanut gave me a beautiful pin she made at school using polymer clay and recycled elements like a playing card and scraps of ribbon. Very cool. I'll have to get a picture of it. She added to this gift a giant bag of Smarties.

Bug, in attempt to keep up with his sister, gave me a giant bag of peanut M&Ms, along with a card. He also spent some time just hangin' out with me.

Bob gave me a card too and then the trio set up our indoor picnic (allergies still very bad!) for lunch on the dining room table. We had delicious sandwiches, stinky cheeses, assorted crackers, a light pinot noir selected by Bug's of-age alter ego (the kids had milk or oj), smoked salmon and pastrami. Delish!

Then, as the resident mother, I went back to doing nothing for the remainder of the day. Love that!