Happy Mothers' Day

The wind has been blowing like a mo' fo' here this week, adding insult to an already painful allergy season. Yesterday, I enjoyed a gorgeous lunch outdoors with Carol only to spend the next 12 hours with eyes and nose pouring down my face. And, yes, I had taken Something. I had, in fact, taken Everything, some things twice.

In the midst of this haze, I asked Bob to find my cell phone. I thought I'd left it in the car. He checked. Not there. Some other items weren't there either. He assumed I'd brought them in already. He found my phone in the house after calling it twice. He didn't mention the other items as he thought I'd already brought them in. I hadn't.

Fast forward to today, this afternoon, when I hopped in the car to go get Peanut from school. I reached down to grab my iPod to plug it into the cradle to listen to some tunes en route. No iPod. Must have left it in my purse. No cradle. WTF? Grab cell phone to call Bob to see if he has borrowed the cradle for his nano. Reach for bluetooth headset. No headset. Call Bob the old-fashioned way. He's not borrowed any of the above and, in fact, noted that they weren't in the car last night when he went cell-phone hunting.

I spent the afternoon locating the serial numbers, makes and models of the stolen items and familiarizing myself with the local online police report filing option for non-urgent crimes. So fun.

Here's the kicker. I got the iPod for Mothers' Day last year. It has an inscription on the back to the effect of "Mom's iPod. Hands off!" I hope the asshole who took it gives it to his mother on Sunday.