Found a Friend For Charlie

Thanks to cribcandy, I was greeted by this image today. Seems the folks at Feeladdicted were inspired to help out leg-humping canines with a faux friend--along the lines of an inflate-a-date, but with a canine's needs in mind. What if your dog just doesn't find a four-legged doorstop appealing? What if your pooch thinks it's a new chew toy rather than a hump-stitute? As one woman asked, "Is it dishwasher safe?" These are the kids of questions that will need to be addressed before sales really kick in, don't you think? Thankfully, they do come in a two sizes, although it is not specified if "the pink hole" size is standard. Surprisingly, that detail was not mentioned. Although, they were clear about offering the "female odour spray" as an accessory for helping pique Fido's interest in his new rubber and technogel friend.