Modern Medicine

My first memories are from a surgery I had when I was 18 months old. I remember the smell of the black oxygen mask as it went over my face, the operating room lights, the catheter, and the recovery room with rows of beds and cribs and bright fluorescent lights.

I've only had a couple of surgeries since then that required general anesthesia. Prior to today, the most recent was 15 years ago. Even though I was an "outpatient", I still stayed overnight, and was not at all perky afterward.

This morning, I had a minor procedure with general anesthesia. I checked in to the hospital at 6am, was wheeled into the operating room by 7:30am, and was fully awake in recovery and having an orange juice by 8:20am. By the time Bob came back to see me, I was fully dressed sitting on the bed cross-legged, reading paperwork. I called Carol with an update from the Starbucks' parking lot by 9am as Bob secured my morning latte.

Modern medicine rocks.