The Holiday Haul

SEVA Foundation Donation(an AMAZING organization)

Superhero Designs
Chlorine Necklace (I feel like a cool kid.)

Dolce & Gabana - Light Blue Eau de Toilette Spray (I must smell.)

Maxtor External Hard Drive (not cute enough to pose).

Felt Stockings for all of the humans (custom-made by my mom). Note the kiwi bird on Bug's stocking (inspired be his own artwork and 'special interest' in kiwi birds). Do these stockings rock or what?

Here are a few items the rest of the family enjoyed:

Lagavulin for Bob. Look how happy he is.

Tom Brokaw's Boom on CD for the ol' folks. See how happy they look.

Pink, mind you. The Nintendo DS Lite is Pink. I think stoked would be the correct expression for Ms. Thang.

You CANNOT go wrong with a LEGO catapult. You just can't. Coupled with the George W. countdown calendar and this 11-year old is set for a fun-filled 2008. (I think the Nintendo DS Lite he got for his birthday the week before might also be a big part of the fun he's planning to have in '08.)

Hope all is well with you and yours this new year. I'll post some artsy photos of the holidays a little later.