26 Hours and 11 Years Ago

This guy popped out. Although, popped out isn't totally accurate. It was more like ripped through. Thankfully, he did it when he weighed less and was substantially shorter.

He's spent the past two days intentionally experimenting with fluid dynamics using his way-cool birthday gift from his grandparents, a Hydrydynamic Building Set. It's been all turbines, and ball valves, and siphons and stuff 'round here. I'm hoping he'll have the model ice cream plant up and going soon. Too bad it only works with water. I'm willing to call it a prototype, for now.

If you're looking for a gift for a science-minded child, or adult (barely got my dad to let Bug have a turn), check this toy out. The Massachusetts-based company, Bridge Street Toys, that makes the set is also outstanding with customer service. We had some parts that were difficult to put together. I emailed them a question about it and new parts are on their way fewer than 24 hrs. later. Plus, they were quick with replying to my emails and superbly polite. I love that. Makes me want to finally get a move on my Xmas shopping. The shipping quandry is a bitch this year with Xmas on a Tuesday.