Toys for Creating Twisted Tots

Not sure what to get your niece or nephew this year? Need some ideas on how to make sure they develop at least one trait that will guarantee incarceration of life-long therapy? Need to get revenge on that sibling who sent your kid a mind-splitting toy last year? Send one of these to Janie or Johnny and you'll be this year's Bad Santa. Guaranteed to get you off any Christmas card list.

Everyone's favorite playmate, Hannibal Lecter, now comes in an action figure form.

Not getting enough junk food from the vending machines at school? Put a Vending Bank in your bedroom and keep your quarters and candy to yourself.
Too much time spent with your vending machine? Get back on track with these kid gym staples, the weight bench and stationary bike. You won't even have to wear your helmet. No danger of falling down here. But, watch out for foam burns from the weight bench. A surefire cure for childhood obesity. Keep 'em inside and keep 'em thin.In case the child you're shopping for this holiday season is a teenage girl, get her one of these to guarantee her parents will know just who she's sleeping with at night.