R to the R

For many many months, we had been planning our Thanksgiving trip to Carlsbad, CA. It's home to our timeshare, which we purchased to force us to take at least one week-long vacation each year. We're good at the weekends away, but not so much with the straight 7 days.

The timing of this trip.  Wow. Couldn't have planned it that well if I'd had a crystal ball. Within 24 hrs., we morphed back into something resembling our former selves. Peanut got less clingy. Bug's anxiety melted away. Hubby and I got to enjoy each other and our children without the constant interruption of external forces. What a gift.

We spent the first full day doing NOTHING. Even with a hideous cold, I felt better than I had since October.

A day later, my cold was nearly gone and we hit the San Diego Zoo at Balboa Park. Bug got to see (as well as you can see a bird in the dark who doesn't want to be seen) his first real, live kiwi bird (a favorite of his for some time).  Peanut got to see a panda AND oodles of koalas. We all decided we could have spent hours watching the gorillas. Their habitat at the zoo was so realistic it made the experience.

Today I'm feeling pretty darn healthy, just in time for turkey day w/Mark, A & The Girls. We spent the day at Legoland, enjoyed a few new rides and again appreciated the lack of crowds and cleanliness of the place. Plus, it's got LEGO. Everywhere. Everything. They even have a new Miniland addition, Vegas. I think it's the best version of Vegas I've ever experienced, even counting the real deal.

This will be our first visit with M, A & The Girls since The Move. The big boys will be playing football in the morning. Bug's hoping to make the weight cut for admission to their game.  Barring any major injuries or arthritic flare-ups, we'll be dining with the Gallo clan and friends later in the day.

Thanks to all of our friends and family for the ongoing support and love you've been sending our way.