Mouth Taped Shut

That's how Bug described his currently preferred emoticon. He said it means, "Shut Up!" I guess when you're told to leave school because of your involuntary volcal tics, you get that message pretty loud and clear. You also break your mother's heart...and bring out the Mama Bear.

There are probably 3 half-posts written that I can't bring myself to finish/post. First, because we may be looking at legal action for violations of the ADA, Title III, it's probably best I not post excessive details. Second, I've just been too beat after 5-7 hours of homeschooling each day (in addition to that life I was already leading prior to Oct. 10) to really muster up anything creative of my own.

So, rest assured dear readers, I am here, teaching, researching, counseling, supporting, and doing some laundry in between.

When I get to come up for air, I'll post some of the homeschooling resources we've stumbled upon in our impromptu journey.