Things you wish you knew

There are some things I would like to have known before going to my new gynecologist's office Tuesday morning.

1. Dr. N. is not ancient.
2. Dr. N. is closer to my age than my father's.
3. Dr. N. is kind of attractive.
4. The window washers I saw on my way into the building were, in fact, outside the window of my exam-room-to-be.

The exam room windows may be tinted, but I still don't like an audience for my pap smear. Call me picky. Thankfully, they moved down a floor before I could provide any entertainment. As an added bonus, Dr. N. did turn out to be as fabulous as everyone said. For the first time in my recollection, I didn't even feel the mascara wand on my cervix. High five to Dr. N. Plus, he doesn't leave you butt-naked under a paper towel for hours on end. He actually talks to you while you're fully clothed then does the exam at the speed of light, albeit a kind and gentle speed of light, then finishes up the exam/chat after you've re-clothed yourself. So much respect going on that I felt like Aretha.