Against my better judgment

I have two kids. One will have enough money to buy herself a car or house long before she needs it. The other will be living in a van down by the river well into his thirties. You can give each one $20. Peanut will spend a couple dollars of it and put the rest in her savings account so that we'll match it. Bug will spend all of it on Pokemon cards within an hour. It's just the way they're wired. We've tried incentives, requirements - one is a saver and one a spender.

So, five weeks ago, when Bug told me to just hold his allowance for him because he wanted to save it for a Game Boy. I said, sure. Right. Like that's going to last. I figured he'd get 2 hours into the decision and change his mind. Four weeks later, I even handed him his saved sum while in Target and he still did not spend it - well not until we were on our way out and he wanted to buy some candy corn. I kept walking and since he wanted a ride home, he followed. I love that. It's going to really suck when they can get themselves home.

Anyway, Bug also decided to sell some rock climbing equipment on eBay that he won last year, but never used. So, he earned another $12 toward his goal.

Today, after school, we logged onto eBay, did our requisite searching and he became the proud owner of this:

He can hardly contain himself. It's going to be a long wait for that shipment. It's kind of sad that he's so excited yet will still only get to use it on weekends and if he has earned a voucher for time (they are earned in 1 hour increments).

Now he's saving up for the coveted e-reader so the pokemon cards can be integrated into the gaming experience. Lord, help me.