Focus Focus Focus

My kids have chore charts. They refer to them, complain about them, keep track of what they do, etc. The problem isn't getting them to use chore charts, it's getting me to keep them updated each week. I start off with the best intentions. We go for about 3 weeks with me updating them almost on time for the start of each week. As I looked at the front of the fridge today where the chore charts reside, I realized I hadn't updated them since the beginning of summer. Oops. Guess that would be exhibit A in the case for my diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, inattentive type. Ha!

Segue to the mail today (which I did finally remember to bring in) and the arrival of this month's issue of ADDitude Magazine. I'm loving this magazine. I want to hug in most months. Page 9. Catchy visual of woman starting lawn mower. Text to the right is about how chores are inevitable until we get robots to do them, but organizing the chores bites for the time being. Enter this free online service called

Always a gadget lover, I had to check it out. I think we're onto something here folks. It's easy to set up. It's fairly flexible. It's FREE! I love free. Free makes me happy. Free and functional makes me downright orgasmic.

Here's what it does - it divvies up the chores (use the preset and/or add your own) amongst the family members (based on user defined settings such as workload, days unavailable, chore difficulty, etc.) and emails the list (daily, weekly, you make the call) along with a downloadable version (word, excel, html) or get it on an RSS feed. These people are thinking.

Now, we just have to do the chores.